Fort Ord was a former U.S. Army base by Monterey Bay, California. It was active during World War I, World War II, the Vietnam war and the Korean war.  Following its closure in 1994, the land was designated a federal superfund site and has undergone extensive environmental cleanup due to munitions contamination. As a part of this cleanup, a 3,300 acre parcel was transferred to the local reuse authority to expedite the remediation process in those select areas. This portion of the project was branded the "FORA ESCA RP", which stands for Fort Ord Reuse Authority Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement Remediation Program.
In 2015, in order to better serve the community, the FORA ESCA RP team decided to overhaul the existing branding. As lead graphic designer on the project, I took the branding concept from start to finish.  I designed the logo, style guide, presentations, letterhead, website, social media content and all peripheral graphic resources. I also shot stock photographs of the area to use in the website and other presentation materials.
In my design, I was inspired by the natural beauty of the region. The former Fort Ord is a vision of rolling green hills and bright blue skies. The former logo placed a strong emphasis on the munitions present in the ground.  By contrast, I wanted my design to emphasize the future of Fort Ord after the environmental cleanup reached completion. To accomplish this, I used colors drawn from the landscape and clean lines.  
As part of the FORA ESCA Remediation Program outreach, a variety of print media was used to distribute to the public and for presentation purposes. This included posters, newsletters, contact cards, name badges, brochures, invitations and more. 
To provide the public with up-to-date information on the progress of the cleanup, the FORA ESCA Remediation program kept a website and active social media presence. Though the project is now complete, the website can still be viewed at
Today, the cleanup on the FORA ESCA RP parcels is complete and the land has been transferred to the local jurisdictions. In 2012, much of the former Fort Ord military base was designated as a national monument. It is now called Fort Ord National Monument and managed by the Bureau of Land Management.​​​​​​​
Additional Information:
Project Type: Branding, Brand Identity, Style Guide, Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design
Tools: Adobe Creative Suite​​​​​​​

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